5 Secret Mindsets of Multi-Millionaires

1. Build Something Bigger Than Yourself

Most people want success for themselves, not other people. They want to win all the awards, be on the magazines, and earn millions of dollars. Having all of this is fine, but you must select a cause that is bigger than yourself. You need to understand that your purpose is greater than you. This will attract more success, instead of repel it.

A selfless leader will focus on growing others, which in turn will grow themselves. Helping others takes the same amount of time that it does to help yourself.  Those who want to be rich must enrich others first.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. – Ancient Proverb

2. Align Yourself with Experts

Every multi-millionaire has a team of experts that gives them strategic advice. While everyone has an opinion, you only want to listen to the best. See so many people listening to the wrong people, which later leads them to devastating results. Find experts in your industry that dominate and befriend them if you can.

Hiring an executive coach is the greatest way to get to the next level. A friend might say, “You should do more push-ups”, but a coach will show how it makes you stronger, which motivates you to action. Find a paragon who can identify with your needs. Most executive coaches charge anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of your yearly income, which is often easy to pay if you follow their advice.

3. Marketing and Sales

Marketing spreads the message of what you’re about, and sales is getting people to buy that message. Marketing helps you to build your credibility and sales happens when people trust your reputation. Marketing is the spinal cord to your business and sales is the vertebrae. If you want strong “backing,” you must master both of these major skills.

Multi-millionaires are experts at marketing and sales. Their skills deftly lead them to high positions and allow them to enjoy the best of life. In this world, you can either sell or you’ll be sold. You might as well learn what the marketplace wants and then find a way to strategically deliver what it needs. In short, find a product to sell (sales) and have a story to tell (marketing).

People don’t know what they need until you give it to them. – Steve Jobs

4. Manage Your Priorities

Prioritizing means doing first what matters most. Dozens of tasks may be calling your name each day, but you must only undertake the ones that give you the most reward. You must develop a habit to consistently delegate or eliminate activities that take up your time, energy, and money. Your time is finite.

What are your main priorities in 2016? How are you going to make it happen? Your goals better be as big as you can make them. Most people set goals that are too small. A small increase in income won’t suffice for aspiring multi-millionaires. Instead, raise your goal substantially by seeking to quadruple your rate of business. Whatever your goal is, your mind will find a way to do it.

5. Continuous Improvement

If you want to change the world, you need to consume a lot of knowledge and make rapid changes. You need to start reading books and implementing the ideas you learn. Most of my wealthy friends routinely read 2 hours per day at a minimum–and they’re not reading the easy stuff either. They’re pounding the textbooks and taking notes.

When you’re beginning work each day, ask yourself, “How can I improve?” If there is a skill that you must learn, learn it. Most people are one skill away from being a massive success. If you want to become a multi-millionaire, you need to get serious about self-improvement and adopt changes in your personal and professional life on a daily basis.

Source: Wealth Mastery Academy

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