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Tired of Blogging? Be an Affiliate Marketer Instead

April 19, 2017

No matter how passionate you are about your blogging career, there’s a part of the job that eats you from the inside. As a paid writer, you’re expected to be flexible enough to blog about topics that you know nothing about and have no interest in. You take the task anyway because that’s the only way […]


Social Media is Dying, But Businesses Shouldn’t Give Up on The Ghost

March 3, 2017

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane—way back when Facebook, Twitter, and other networks were getting started. They were billed as channels where businesses could connect directly with their customers for free. The formula for success was simple: share catchy updates, build an audience, and cash in. In 2017, however, that social media paradigm is looking […]


Why You Need to Know About SEO—Even If You Don’t Sell Online

March 3, 2017

SEO. It is an acronym you read about all the time, and it can be confusing if you are new to marketing online. Regardless of your expertise on the subject, I am here to tell you that you need to learn everything you can about it if you want to have a successful online marketing […]


7 Examples of Bad Online Business Advice You Are Likely to Follow

February 28, 2017

While you are setting up your first-ever business website, you probably will read dozens of articles from industry experts explaining just what you should focus on to make your site sell. Consumers certainly turn to the Web for specific information on products and services, and doing your research will help you convince your target consumers […]


Why Video Has Become THE Hottest Digital Marketing Trend

February 27, 2017

Online marketing trends change with every new delivery method and channel. Each year brings new technology, new opportunities, and new social channels to catch user fancy. The big winners in the battle for buyer attention might be early adopters throwing resources into promising new technology that proves successful, or businesses who stick with a particular […]


10 things all e-commerce business owners should consider when creating a mobile app

February 25, 2017

Question: I run an e-commerce business and am launching a mobile app. What is the No. 1 consideration I should not overlook? Simplicity “Save yourself a ton of headaches by building a simple app. Since it needs to work perfectly across the nearly infinite variety of mobile devices available today, over-complicating your app will hurt […]


YouTube Launches Mobile Live Streaming, MailChimp Introduces Facebook Ad Campaigns

February 23, 2017

Managing social media for your small business can be a complicated task. With so many different platforms and ways to interact with followers, it’s a good idea to consolidate tasks wherever possible. This week, small businesses that use MailChimp got some welcome news when the brand announced the ability for users to create Facebook ad […]


7 Important Reasons Not to Ignore Facebook Advertising

February 20, 2017

In 2016, around 1.86 billion users logged into Facebook on a daily basis. While businesses use several trendy social media platforms to market their businesses, Facebook continues to lead the way. Paid advertising, combined with organic posts, give businesses significant reach and influence. If your business isn’t using Facebook’s paid advertising platform to generate sales, […]


8 Questions to Ask Before Redesigning Your Website

February 17, 2017

If your small business’s website isn’t gaining traffic, actively engaging customers or targeting the right personas, it might be time for a redesign. This is particularly true if your site’s been online for more than a year and isn’t updated frequently. It’s important to stay relevant — nothing screams “behind the times” like an outdated […]


How to Build Your Business by Connecting with Influencers on Twitter

February 13, 2017

Every business owner seeks to boost their market share and find new audiences for our products and services — it’s how we stay profitable. One of the best ways to reach new people is to connect with an influencer who can share with their followers. And Twitter offers a unique way to do this — it can […]

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