5 Steps To Become A Millionaire Blueprint

How to become a millionaire. Although this is a very simple question, but do you know how to answer it? Every people in the world had the same dream to become a millionaire. But some just dream about it, and some take it into action, it depends what you decide want to be.

In fact, become a millionaire can be very simple (but not easy), if you have a good command of this 5 millionaire blueprints.

Set out your investment and financial portfolio

➊ Start a business

Start your own business no matter it is small,big, part time or full time. You may have a bunch of reasons or excuses for not to do so i.e., not enough time, no resources or not enough capital etc. The fact is, if you are working for somebody and getting a fixed pay, you are just being paid to help other to become a millionaire or billionaire. But what you get in the end? Lot of complaints on works, boss or colleagues etc? Sacrifice your precious time ton work, and get nothing but retirement funds (EPF) after you retire. Do you know, there is 95% of the people in the world is working under the 5% business system, and the 95% of the people is not millionaire. So, which category you want to slot yourself into it? 5% or 95%?

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➋ Get a mentor

Mentor is a person who can help you to achieve your goals. But the thing is, you’ll have to find a mentor that is related to your business or your goals. That mentor have to teach you how to catch the fishes, and not just catch the fishes for you without teaching you the strategy. Besides, if you want to be a millionaire, you’ll have to find a mentor who is already a millionaire. With his/her millionaire journey, you should think about their advice and suggestions as they have the experiences of how to do it well. Therefore, do your research and find one guru that suits you, invest in their courses and books.

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➌ Invest in real estate

Majority of the millionaires are come from real estate investment. They They know how to play with the cash flow, and they will not put all the eggs into one basket, instead, they separating their eggs to different baskets. However, invest in real estate will need initial capital. It is advisable not to go into any investments until you have a stable income from your business or have a a large number of savings in your bank account, and have the knowledge of basic real estate and market movement. Do not rush into it.

5 Steps To Become A Millionaire Blueprint 2

➍ Buy your time

There is only have 12 hours in one day, but you’ll need more time in the journey of becoming a millionaire. The one of the wise way would be, buy your time by buying other people’s time to run your business for you. Just like other boss did. Outsource some of the tasks to your employee, so you have more time to plan on how to double your income or expand your business. Spend time on the more important thing is your key to become a millionaire.

5 Steps To Become A Millionaire Blueprint 1

➎ Form a mastermind group

Every successful people have a mastermind group behind to support them. Here is the fact, you can’t achieve great things all alone. You should know more people by joining any wealth creation seminar, and ask the potential people to become your group member. Tell them your purpose, mission and expectations of your group. Arrange a monthly gathering with them to build relationship. Keep in mind that, those are the people who can help you, motivate you and encourage you along the journey. They are your partners more than just a group members.

Once you think you can manage the above millionaire blueprint, it’s time to get ready to take action. The difference between a successful people and a failure is, a successful people convert their idea into action, and failure only know how to find excuses for not doing anything on their idea. So, stop dreaming and take action now to hop onto the path to become a millionaire!

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