Overcome the Fear of Becoming an Entrepreneur

“Less than 1% of people have the courage to face their fears, take risks, create their own businesses, change their lifestyles and become an entrepreneur.”

Everyone experiences fear in their lives, even the most successful entrepreneurs out there. The people who became entrepreneurs have had to face and overcome their fears before they became entrepreneurs. But most people can’t overcome this fear, so they carry on living ordinary lives working for the boss.

Fear can take many forms such as being afraid to change, being afraid of the outcome of failure, being afraid of what others think you are doing etc. Fear also disguises itself as excuses, for instance ‘I’m not ready to start my own business because I don’t have time’. Underneath this excuse is fear.

I am here to share with you 3 Key Concepts that will gradually diminish the fear of becoming an entrepreneur.


Having a Vision of how you want to live your life as an entrepreneur is a powerful concept. Creating a vision first starts with realising what you really want your life to be like in the future. You will start to focus on the thing that is driving you, and this will be a big part of your Courage and Motivation to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

Creating a vision will not only drive you to achieve what you want, but your fear of achieving it will start to naturally fade away because there is no stopping you if you have a powerful vision backing you up.


Having a strong Belief goes hand in hand with your vision. You can have a great vision, but if you don’t Really believe in it, you can’t be an entrepreneur.

To really believe in something means that you will continue to pursue your belief no matter what struggles you will face to get there, and even more importantly no matter who tells you that it can’t be done or it’s not possible.

A strong belief will not get rid of your fear completely, but it will allow you to face it, and overtime your fear of becoming an entrepreneur will start to fade away.


The last piece of the puzzle is taking Action.

If you haven’t developed a vision and belief system, then at some point in time you will give up because your mind-set is not in the right place. When your mind-set is built up and ready to go, then it’s time to apply yourself as an entrepreneur.

Once you start taking consistent action in your life and business, overtime you will start to see results, your motivation will improve and most importantly your fear will get to a point where it seems like it doesn’t even exist anymore.

Remember the 3 Key Concepts

1. Create a Vision of what you want
2. Have the Belief that you can achieve it
3. Take Action to get there

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