Startup Business Problems : Mistaking Your Way to Success

I’ve noticed that when a yoga class becomes extremely challenging, a person’s true colors start to show – there’s a lesson here for when you run into startup business problems.

Yoga poses can be very difficult and require a tremendous amount of calm but focused determination. Inevitably, even the most sincere students make mistakes and fall out of poses. When this happens, the most committed students maintain their composure by staying with their breath and simply re-entering the pose. They understand that the end goal of a stronger, more peaceful mind and body is still reachable regardless of “mistakes” they make along the way. I have found that these positive-minded students generally relate to mistakes outside the studio in the same healthy way.

As a teacher – and as a student – I actually look forward to mistakes in class because I know it tests my focus and leads to growth and a deeper feeling of accomplishment. The hidden pearls of greater happiness and success are there for all of us when we accept mistakes as normal and natural parts of life. Staying focused on the big picture reduces the sting of a mistake and develops our inner strength and sense of dignity.

A new look at mistakes

Behind most great success stories is a long list of mistakes! If you need a little “adjustment” of attitude about mistakes – perhaps to begin to see them as just being part of the path to success – consider some of these perspectives.

To err is human. It’s also painful. Relating to this truth in constructive ways can be a great tool for growth.

Mistakes in business may cause you to lose time and money. Relationships may be strained. These facts are unpleasant, but they don’t have to be unhealthy.

Mistakes are stressful physically and mentally. But this same stress is temporary and propels us to change and grow in positive directions.

Trying to hide your mistakes rather than acknowledge them can be destructive to you and those around you. Don’t sweep dirt under the rug.

Acknowledging your mistakes is difficult, but will give others around you the opportunity to be honest and open as well. This leads to a spirit of cooperation.

Bottom Line

As you challenge yourself to move forward in life, you will make mistakes, whether they’re startup business mistakes or mistakes in your personal life. But if you look at them the right way, mistakes will make you stronger, healthier and ultimately more successful.

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