5 Types Of Friends Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Entrepreneurship is marked by numbers, the number of employees, number of clients, revenue and the network that you have. The greater this number, the stronger your entrepreneurship comes across to be. The best way to grow and enhance your venture is by forming and strengthening relationships with your peers and clients. This adds to the wisdom, experience, resources and information your business has access to.  Having friends is any entrepreneur’s great strength and the quality and quantity matter.  Someone could be a confidante, someone could add to your business vision and growth through his experience and someone can be your strategic advisor. But it is a proven fact that an entrepreneur should have a set of strong friends.

Here are 5 such types of friends:

1. The Mentors:

Entrepreneurship isn’t an easy game. It takes a lot of courage, risk and support to succeed in your business venture. While you may have lot of friends who have started on the same path with you and going through the same struggle and difficulties, but there are some who are just ahead of you. Those who have been there and stumbled and emerged out a winner. These friends can mentor you and your employees in keeping focus on the vision and motivate everyone to achieve goals.

2.  The Strategic Advisors:

Strategic advisors or strategic partners are organizations that have the same client market as you. The shared pool of client gives opportunities to exchange ideas and collaborate and a lot can be learnt by observing the strategies used by other organizations. Businesses are often impacted by the same trends in the market and strategic partners help you look for opportunities to leverage each other’s strengths and success.

3. The Networkers:

Businesses networkers are those blessed individuals who are connected to almost everyone in the business world and can introduce you to the right people at the right time. If you happen to be friends with such business butterflies.  You could even make friends with such people by attending networking events and then building strong relationships with them. Be honest and genuine in your dealings and don’t shy away from lending your help as well.

4. The Confidantes:

These are friends who are there for you through your thick and thin and who got your back. You can reach out to them at any time and they will always be there for you, either emotionally or at times, even for financial back-up. These are also people who will motivate and encourage you in your tough times and keep you going.

5. The Critics:

These are friends who will give you constructive, intelligent criticism, without getting personal. The intention is not to belittle you but to show you the right path and help you achieve your goals. Every entrepreneur should have such friends who are not afraid of showing you the mirror.  These people will help you see where you lack or where you are wrong and help you make your business stronger.

Source: Success Story

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