Still Don’t Have a Business Website? Here’s What You’re Missing Out On

I can’t believe 2017 is upon us. But it’s even harder to believe the news from a recent Capital One study: 44 percent of small businesses still don’t have a business website. And of the 56 percent who do, only 53 percent say their website is mobile-optimized, making their websites less than effective for today’s audiences.

This kind of statistic makes me want to tear my hair out. If your small business doesn’t have a business website, here are some of the many ways you’re missing out:

Your email marketing is less effective than it could be

Last week, I reported that about half of people who get a marketing email from a business will visit the business website as a result. If you don’t have a business website, they could go to your social media page—but can they actually make a purchase there? In most cases, no.

You’ll get less traction in search results

If consumers search for your business online and you don’ t have a website, your company name and address may show up (if you have a presence on local search directories, that is). But where do customers go to learn more about your business? Without a website to click on, they’ll be taking their chances if they decide to visit you.

You’re at the mercy of social networks

Social networks change their algorithms and policies all the time. What if a new change makes your business’s social media accounts less visible in users’ feeds? It’s happened to plenty of Facebook users as Facebook has adjusted its algorithm over the years. Worse yet, what if the social network you’re reliant on loses its luster? (Think MySpace.) If you build your marketing presence on a business website that you control, rather than on someone else’s turf, your investment of time, energy and money is much more secure.

You look less than legitimate

Personally, I am very leery of doing business with any company that doesn’t have a website. Consumers these days like to get as much information as they can about businesses before making a decision to patronize them. Without a website, your business is shrouded in mystery. . . and not in a good way. You look either hopelessly out of date, or like you’ve got something to hide.

Beyond all these factors, one reason to create a business website is that there’s no longer an excuse not to. It’s more affordable and easier than ever before to set one up for just pennies a day. All you have to do is visit one of the many one-stop services that offer web hosting, web design and/or DIY website templates you can use to create your own website. As a bonus, many of these services make it easier to market your website by helping you with search engine optimization, local search directories, and more once your website is up and running.

Your business website doesn’t have to be fancy, either. If you own, say, a local dry cleaner, a couple of pages with your basic information (hours, address, phone number), perhaps a Contact Us page, and links to your business elsewhere online (social media, reviews, etc.) are really all you need.

When asked what would most improve their business in 2017, 32 percent of small business owners in the Capital One study cited “increasing advertising and marketing.” But just 14 percent said “creating a website.” These days, however, a website should be the basis of all your advertising and marketing efforts. Without one, you can’t hope to compete effectively.

Source: AllBusiness

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